Friday, 30 December 2016


Vihaan tells to Rachna to meet him at cafe world at 4:00pm, near southern cinema, ( the same place were Rajeev told her to meet at 5 ). Rachana gets shocked, she remembers Rajeev flashback and tries to says that she couldn’t come, but Vihaan talks over he then he keeps the phone. Vihaan is so happy and practices on the mirror to present himself as he decides to decline the marriage alliance on netting Rachna. Shail asks Rachna who was on the phone and lies, then says that it was a wrong number and to eat the breakfast, Gunjan gets a little suspicious about it and asks what happened. Rachna says nothing, Gunjan tells her to eat. Sangeetha serves Rachna but she refuses to eat. Shail tells her she just ate a bit then says enough, calls Gunjan to go for college.
Sageeta tells Seema to make a plan with Gunjan. Mayank calls his mother to give him water, Sangeetha gives the water. Gunjan asks what has happened to Rachna, Rachna says yes, lies again that the phone that Gunjan gave her was the problem, Gunjan says so you are in love, how romantic to Rachna. Rachana confronts to Gunjan that she has feelings for Rajeev. Gunjan is so excited and surprised to hear it. She agrees to help Rachna with the same. Seema gives water to Mayank, Sangeetha and Seema talk through their eyes contact. Sangeeta try to say something and gives a thumbs up. Seema says that he looks tired to Mayank, he says he is OKEY!, Seema says “that a mother knows what is going on by looking at her son and that he is hiding something from her mother, he says come on and Seema says that she is very happy to get a daughter in-law like Gunjan, Mayank is a little happy hearing this, they have nice laugh, Mayank leaves, Sangeeta is full of joy, cheers her up. At college, Gunjan says she can’t even believe it that shy Rachna is in love and Gunjan pulls a prank that she will tell Rajeev.
Gunjan still exited, and shouts Rachna’s name, Mayank and Seema go for shopping and are both looking for some sarees for Gunjan, Seema acting to pick the best of the bunch of saree. Mayank is very happy, the shop owner shows them, a red bordered white saree, with studs, Seema and Mayank agree to buy it. Seema opens her purse and she is shocked that she forget to carry money and tells Mayank to pay but he says that he doesn’t have money too. Seema feels embarrassed and tries to talk to the manager, he says to give the money right away. Seema tries to make a commotion. Coincidentally Charu enters the store, saved the fight and pays the bill. Mayank feels bad about it. Charu and Seema are happy about the reaction. Seema who was acting like she didn’t have money payed for Charu’s saree. Mayank sees all this while hiding and both get nervous.
Rajeev coming in his bike while on the other side Vihaan comes with his bike, park their bike, both approaching the cafe, when Rajeev goes Vihaan bends. Rajeev finds a spot for them while Vihaan enters and he finds a spot. Both Gunjan and Rachna arrive in the auto, Gunjan waits outside, she sees Rajeev, meet him and they place their order. Rajeev looks romantic and Gunjan sees Vihaan, then he sees her, then suspects her. At that moment he gets a call then he asks his full name. Gunjan is shocked to learn that Vihaan is Rachna to -be husband.
Vihaan says that he wants to be alone, and says “Excuse me”, to Gunjan. Gunjan says that he is not interested in talking and that she knows. Vihaan and Gunjan continue interact in the coffee shop where Gunjan lies to Vihaan that she is the daughter of Dayal Garg and she was going to be his wife. Vihaan gets shocked and is happy after learning this and says the girl that his mother found was not bad and he gives a romantic/shy smile but not in front of her. He then says that she is the lucky one and since because of their bad behavior previously, they should cancel the engagement. He then rates her 6 out of 10 and he says what about him, then she rates him 3 out of 10 and he laughs, and says NO, then he prizes her, cools down and they order for coffee. Rajeev say that he knows that this is going to be tough but what to do. He shows a letter to Rachna and asks hee what is this? Rachana say OMG!, why is he asking about the letter. She indirectly says that it is a love letter. Rajeev is furious and scolds her that he doesn’t get her, and says that Anushka and him weren’t sitting in the beach and Rcahna starts to cry. Read more

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