Friday, 30 December 2016


While Pragya goes through the divorce papers that the lawyers have prepared, her family members are upset about the divorce. The lawyers asks Pragya to make whatever demands she wishes from Abhi's property to divorce him. Aaliya says all those properties are bought before marriage, then why should Abhi give her property. The lawyer says he knows but wants to clear it to Pragya that they can start with 30% share. Pragya surprises all when she does not ask him for any property or money and instead goes on to ask for things that gets Abhi emotional that a promise from him that she will allow her to meet Daadi, Raj’s kids and attend Abhi’s concert whenever she likes. Abhi hears this and walks into his room.
Aaliya tells Pragya that she knows how to trap people well and is using her brainwash tactic well, but she cannot fool them. Sarla comes and holds Pragya. Aaliya says they both should open a school to teach people how to lure people with emotional atyachar. Sarla says she should join it first, but she won’t be able to learn emotions as she is surrounded by fake people. Tanu asks how dare she to call her fake people. Sarla says she did not take her name at all, then why is she taking it to herself.
Pragya asks lawyer where to sign on divorce papers. He shows her the place. She reminisces their marriage, Abhi’s care for her, protecting her and her family, etc., and later signs the divorce papers. Aaliya smirks seeing this and goes to Abhi’s room to bring him back to sign the divorce papers. Abhi comes down to sign papers. Purabh asks him to think again as Daadi may not like it when she comes out of her coma. Aaliya says Abhi is doing it for Daadi and asks him not to interfere. Pragya asks Purabh to be silent and asks Abhi to sign the papers and moments later, Abhi too signs the papers. Aaliya and all her puppets smirk seeing their plan working well.
Sarla cries telling Bulbul that her Pragya got divorced and she does not know what she will do now. Bulbul consoles her and takes her towards the car. Sarla later sees Purabh and apologizes for always being rude to him and misunderstanding him and also thanks him for all the support that he had given and she will not forget the way he helped Pragya and gets into his car.
Meanwhile, Pragya goes to her room, looks at Abhi’s picture and cries holding it. She remembers the memories that she shared with Abhi in the room when Abhi calls her to check if he has white hair. She pulls the white hair. He asks why did she pull it as there is a myth that surrounding the hair will go white. She says she does not know about it and will not believe him as he is not a scientist or astrologer. He says he will take revenge by pulling her white hair. She says he does not have any and runs. He catches her and they both fall on the ground and romantically look at each other. Pragya comes out of flashback and thinks this room reminds him of Abhi always and she has to go out of it right now.
Taiji and Tanu get nervous and feels restless that Pragya has not come out of her room yet and wonder what she is doing in Abhi's room. Tanu says she will get her out. Aaliya says she must be consoling herself and reminiscing her past and will have to go out at any cost, so they should relax.
Pragya later comes across Abhi’s jacket and gets emotional seeing it, throws it on the floor, picks it back and cries again. She folds it and keeps it in her bag. Serial’s title song.. plays in the background.
Sarla is worried thinking about her daughter future but Bulbul and Daadi together convince her that Pragya is a strong woman and will build her own path forward and they will have to keep Pragya happy by reminding her of old days here and that Sarla she should be a support to Pragya now. Sarla nods yes. Bulbul later tells the entire family that they will together help Pragya come back to her normal life and forget all that had happened to her.
Meanwhile, Pragya gets ready to leave the house, she comes down with her bags and seeing her, Aaliya begins to taunt her that it is good she came herself, else she would have come up and thrown her out of the window. She asks her to forget that she is Abhi’s wife from hereon. Abhi sees her bag and asks if she is carrying his items in lieu of coming back and returning it. Pragya gets nervous and asks why will she take his clothes. He asks her to go and keep back her clothes. Aaliya says it is her bag and she can take it. Abhi later surprises everybody that he does not want her to go now and goes on to say that she can only leave his house after marrying someone else. He says she will go out and will make another MMS, so it is better that she enjoy with her lover here itself. She says she does not care what people say. He says her family will be ashamed when people will ask about her affairs, so he will not let her go like this. While Aaliya and Tanu are upset about this sudden change plan. Aaliya then asks why is he stopping her when she herself is going. Abhi says it is between Pragya and him and nobody should interfere. He says he will get Pragya married in 2 days and then she can leave this house. Pragya feels bad and refuses to get married. Read more

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