Friday, 30 December 2016


Damodar and his aides terrorise Abhishek and tell Aditya that if he does not repay the money soon, he will kill Abhishek. Aditya and Vidya rush home to find their house ransacked. Abhishek is in a state of shock. The incident not only scares Abhishek but affects Antara as well. Abhishek relives the horror in his nightmares and Antara draws a sketch based on what Abhishek mumbles in his sleep. The mental condition of her children worries Vidya immensely. Aditya and Vidya decide never to leave their children alone and take them along when they go to work. Shockingly, Abhishek refuses to accompany Aditya, fearing that Aditya will allow others to harm him. Vidya tries to convince Abhishek to trust Aditya. Abhishek has a tough time accompanying Aditya on his sales trip. They come across a briefcase full of cash. Aditya is in a dilemma how to return the suitcase as he has no idea about its owner. Aditya brings home the suitcase full of cash since he does not know whom it belongs to. Aditya counts the cash in the briefcase and is shocked to find Rs.10 lakhs. Aditya wonders whether he should hand over the briefcase to the police, or he should keep the money and end all his financial issues. Aditya decides to keep the bag a secret from Vidya until he can take a decision. Read more

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