Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Dating Tips: How Long Should You Wait to Call?

Dating has become an intricate process of decoding tricky text messages and learning the latest online lingo. Confusing mind games and sub-par dating tips don’t help, and now more than ever, it’s a jungle out there. If you’re Tarzan looking for your Jane, deciding when to make that call can be a real challenge. It’s common for a bundle of anxiety to accompany those post-date nerves. You’ve got all the butterflies, and sweating it out a minute longer doesn’t seem possible, or realistic. So, what’s a guy or gal, to do? Unless you grew up in a super strict household, you’ve probably heard of the three-day rule. This dating rule, which originated during the days way back when courting someone was actually a thing, says a person should wait at least three days after a date before calling, even if they’re extremely interested. Sometimes, though, it can be hard to tell just what another person is thinking, seeing as everyone’s expectations vary. Case in point, research that surveyed 5,500 singles in the U.S. found 50% of singles said they think a good first date ends with a kiss. Now, with a split like that right down the middle, it’s no wonder many people are confused about the appropriate time to call after a date. Well, we’re here to help you figure out how long you should wait. Read more

Gareth Southgate appointed England manager on four-year contract

Gareth Southgate has been appointed as England manager on a four-year deal. Southgate, 46, stepped up from his role as England Under-21s manager in September following Sam Allardyce's departure after only 67 days in charge. He oversaw two wins and two draws as interim boss and has signed a contract reportedly worth up to £2m a year. "I have thoroughly enjoyed working with the players over these past four games and I think there is huge potential," said Southgate. "I am extremely proud to be appointed England manager. However, I am also conscious getting the job is one thing, now I want to do the job successfully. "I'm determined to give everything I have to give the country a team that they're proud of and one that they're going to enjoy watching play and develop."
Former defender Southgate, who made 57 appearances for England as a player, becomes the fourth permanent manager of the national team in as many years. The ex-Middlesbrough boss oversaw a comfortable World Cup qualifying win against minnows Malta, before his team laboured to a goalless draw in Slovenia. He took a significant step towards being appointed full-time manager with a 3-0 win against Scotland in qualifying earlier this month, before his team squandered a 2-0 friendly lead against Spain at Wembley to draw 2-2 four days later. Before becoming part of the international set-up, Southgate's only managerial experience was his three-year spell at Boro, who were relegated under him in 2009. Southgate's understanding of international football and the development set-up at St George's Park has proved important, according to Football Association chief executive Martin Glenn. "Gareth is a great ambassador for what the FA stands for, he's a very good football tactician and a leader, but beneath that he's a winner and that's an important part of the job," he added. Read more

Cuba allies join thousands to honour Castro in Havana

Several world leaders - and thousands of Cubans - gather in Havana to pay final respects to the late Fidel Castro.Hundreds of thousands of Cubans rallied for late communist leader Fidel Castro with Latin American and African leaders in Havana the night before his ashes were to be taken across the country. They chanted "Long live the revolution!" and "Fidel! Fidel!" on Tuesday at a packed Revolution Square, the vast esplanade where he gave so many of his legendary marathon speeches. 
A giant picture of a young, bearded Castro in his guerrilla uniform and rifle hung on the National Library as his brother and successor, Raul Castro, waved at the crowd. "There are thousands of people in the square," Al Jazeera's Alan Fisher, reporting from the rally in Havana, said. "The ceremony began with the national anthem. Before that we saw some of the dignitaries, like Evo Morales of Bolivia and Jacob Zuma of South Africa, take their seats on the podium. They were cheered, applauded by everyone in the crowd." Leftist presidents Nicolas Maduro of Venezuela, Ecuador's President Rafael Correa and Daniel Ortega of Nicaragua were also among foreign dignitaries to pay tribute to Castro. Correa praised Castro's ideology, telling the crowd: "We will keep fighting for these ideas. We swear!" Zimbabwe's Robert Mugabe, 92, himself a former Marxist guerrilla who has led his country as prime minister or president since 1980 despite financial and health crises, praised Fidel Castro's government for having trained thousands of Zimbabwean doctors and teachers. "Fidel was not just your leader. He was our leader and the leader of all revolutionaries. We followed him, listened to him and tried to emulate him," Mugabe told reporters as he arrived in Havana. "Farewell, dear brother. Farewell, revolutionary," he said. South African President Jacob Zuma hailed Castro as "one of the great heroes of the 20th century", citing his opposition to apartheid and his deployment of Cuban troops to back Angola's government against rebels in 1975. Mexico's Enrique Pena Nieto also flew in, but Colombian Juan Manuel Santos, whose government negotiated a peace deal with the Marxist FARC rebels in Havana, did not come as expected. Read more


Shah Rukh Khan is the biggest star in Bollywood—but his appeal is global. His movies have grossed $300 million worldwide, he counts Hollywood stars among his fans and in 2016 he was named the eighth highest-paid actor in the world. Back home in India, the media call him “King Khan” and the “Badshah of Bollywood” because of his success at the box office over the last quarter century; his first film in 1992 was the second highest-grossing in India that year. The South Asian diaspora has helped carry his name across the globe—his films regularly chart inside the top 10 of the U.S. box office and he has a devoted following in Russia and Germany. His celebrity fans include pop singer Shakira, Penelope Cruz and Hugh Jackman. He is a bonafide superstar. But as he approaches 25 years as Bollywood’s ambassador to the world, Khan finds himself at a point of transition in his career. Khan is 51, and no longer the young heartthrob with the perfectly coiffed hair and rippling six-pack that won him roles in the 1990s. (Though his hair is still perfectly coiffed and, he claims, the six-pack is still there.) His latest film, Dear Zindagi , has more in common with an offbeat independent drama than the song-and-dance blockbusters he is renowned for, he says. The film follows budding cinematographer Kaira, played by rising Bollywood actor Alia Bhatt, whose methodical approach to achieving the perfect life is overturned when she meets the bohemian Jug (Khan). “I’ve never done a film like this,” Khan tells Newsweek over the phone from Mumbai. “It’s calmer, it [requires] a lot more patience, a lot more gravitas…It’s not a star vehicle; hopefully it’s a vehicle that lends itself more to performance.” Whether in Bollywood or Hollywood, this attitude is not unusual when it comes to veteran actors with mostly commercial credits looking to prove their acting credibility in the last phase of their career—someone like Michael Keaton, for instance. But Khan says that isn’t his motivation: “It’s very simple, and I think that simplicity has kept me going: I feel funny sometimes, so I do a funny film. I wake up and say, ‘This is what I’m feeling,’ and I go out and do it. That’s the only way to be; you don’t sit down and plan out because then it’ll get boring.” Read more 

2017 HONDA CR-V First drive

Honda is in the midst of a product renaissance. Over the next four years, nearly every model in their portfolio will be re-launched, and that aggressive product cadence is a key component of their ongoing strategy to keep the company’s vehicles at the forefront of modernity. The latest case in point is this all-new fifth generation CR-V. Even with 2016 shaping up to a record sales year and the fourth generation CR-V already enjoying the notable distinction of being the best-selling SUV in the United States, Honda isn’t willing to rest on their laurels.Considering the current model’s success, we’d forgive them for simply putting a fresh coat of paint on what’s already proving effective, but it’s also safe to assume that isn’t the sort of mindset that got Honda to the top of the food chain in the first place. Instead, the 2017 CR-V comes packing a new turbocharged power plant, a heavily revised chassis that expands the CR-V’s dimensions, a revamped suspension that seeks to simultaneously improve both ride quality and handling, and a more sophisticated aesthetic to go along with the crossover’s range of content. The latter of which comprise the most expansive list of standard and available features than have ever been offered in the vehicle’s history. Indeed, the tweaks to the formula for the fifth generation CR-V are fairly extensive, but as we’ve seen past that’s not always a sure-fire recipe for a better vehicle. We headed out to Monterey, California to put the all-new iteration of Honda’s crossover through its paces to see if all the revision would help the CR-V retain its title as the benchmark for the segment. Read more:

Pfizer's Herceptin biosimilar succeeds in key breast cancer study

Pfizer Inc said on Wednesday its experimental biosimilar of Roche Holding AG's blockbuster breast cancer treatment Herceptin met the main goal in a key study.Pfizer tested the safety and effectiveness of the drug, PF-05280014, in combination with chemotherapeutic agent paclitaxel against Herceptin and paclitaxel in previously untreated patients with HER2-positive metastatic breast cancer. Biotech drugs such as Herceptin are made in living cells, and then extracted and purified. They are more complex than traditional drugs and cannot be copied with precision. Their knock-off versions are called biosimilars and not generics. Several companies are developing biosimilar versions of top-selling biotech medicines. Read more

OPEC agrees first output cut since 2008

OPEC has agreed its first limit on oil output since 2008, an OPEC source told Reuters after Saudi Arabia said it was prepared to accept "a big hit" on production and agree to arch-rival Iran freezing output at pre-sanctions levels. Brent crude futures jumped 8 percent to more than $50 a barrel on hopes Riyadh had finally reached a compromise with Iran after insisting in recent weeks that Tehran fully participate in any cut. The source said the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries had on Wednesday agreed a deal in line with an accord the group reached in Algiers in September.OPEC member Algeria was proposing to set a new production ceiling at 32.5 million barrels per day, down from current levels of 33.6 million. The source gave no further details as two other OPEC sources said debates were continuing on the size of each member country's cut. 
Before the meeting, Saudi Energy Minister Khalid al-Falih said OPEC was indeed focusing on reducing output to a ceiling of 32.5 million bpd and hoped Russia and other non-OPEC producers would contribute a cut of another 0.6 million bpd. "It will mean that we (Saudi) take a big cut and a big hit from our current production and from our forecast for 2017. So we will not do it unless we make sure that there is consensus and an agreement to meet all of the principles," Falih said. 
But he added that even if OPEC failed to reach a deal, the market would slowly recover: "We believe that non-OPEC growth has reversed and also most of the OPEC growth we’ve seen is already behind us," he told reporters. "If we can’t come to an agreement, then the other scenario of rolling over and waiting for the market to recover on its own is not a bad outcome." Clashes between Saudi Arabia and Iran have dominated many previous OPEC meetings. On Tuesday, Iran wrote to OPEC saying it wanted Saudi Arabia to cut production by as much as 1 million bpd, more than Riyadh was willing to offer, OPEC sources who saw the letter told Reuters. But the tone changed on Wednesday. "I'm optimistic," Iranian Oil Minister Bijan Zanganeh said before the meeting, adding there had been no request for Iran to cut output. He also said Russia was ready to reduce production. "Moscow have agreed to reduce their production and cut after our decision," Zanganeh said. Read more

Wednesday 30/11/2016 On King Of Hearts

While Roshni and Durgadevi are busy searching for a taxi, Roshni spots Biji and Simran boarding their car. Spotting them, Roshni tries to escape but Simran catches a glance of Roshni and informs it to Biji. When Biji tries to find Roshni, she is nowhere to be seen. On the other hand, Baveja is seen forcing Samaira to get ready for their wedding. Samaira finds a hot iron press and starts acting before Baveja, saying that she is ready for the wedding. She asks Baveja to pick a dress for her and in the meantime, she grabs the press and puts it on Baveja's hand. Samaira then escapes from the place.
Rajveer disguises himself as a petty tea vendor and reaches the jail where Baveja is being held. He starts serving tea to the police and reaches Baveja's cell. Baveja gets excited by Rajveer and hopes that he can help him in getting out of the jail. But Baveja's hopes turns into dismay when Rajveer feeds him poison and escapes the cell. On the other hand, Siddharth and Roshni are discussing about Baveja when a call from police station informs them that Baveja is dead. In the meantime, Samaira, who is in a trauma about the kidnapping incident, Read more

Wednesday 30/11/2016 On Twist Of Fate

Tanu gets furious when she learns that she is not going to be walking the ramp as the showstopper and that she has been replaced by some other model. She asks the producer how can he let Pragya walk on ramp with Abhi instead of her and tries to threaten the him and says she will leave the show but the producer speaks back and says that as per contract he will take action against her if she even tries to leave the show at the last moment and asks her to walk behind junior models. Meanwhile, Purabh meets his lawyer and speak to him regarding Sarla's marriage hall that is danger and that he has collected all the details about the marriage hall. He tries to call Bulbul to inform her about it, but she does not pick his call. Bulbul is busy arranging her mother's room.
Mitali sees Raj checking her cupboard and gets tensed. She asks what is he doing. He says he is searching for his wallet as he thinks she must have taken it. Mitali gets tensed that Raj will see his signed property papers, finds his wallet under bedsheets and hands it over to him, ask him not to touch her cupboard again. She decides where to hide her papers. Later, the producer hosts the fashion show and his wife joins him and explains about their new product. The producer then announces that Abhi will launch their product with a ram walk. Abhi starts his ramp walk. The roducer then announces that Abhi’s lady love, his wife will walk on ramp with him. Abhi is shocked to hear this and starts frowning in anger. Pragya comes on stage and stands next to him. Abhi gets shocked when he seen Pragya walking the ramp as the showstopper. The producer says they make a nice couple and that if junior Abhi would have been their, their product would have reached its goal. Abhi asks Pragya about Tanu and asks where she sent her. Pragya says he should ask the producer. Tanu walks on ramp behind junior models. Abhi launches product, scolding Pragya. His shock further grows when he see Tanu as one of the side model handing him product as a junior model. Tanu does not take this well and decides to have her revenge very soon that Pragya insulted her and now she will insult her in front of everyone. She makes Pragya fall, but Abhi holds her on time. Ooo rabba ki karan…song plays in the background.
Pragya's Daadi shows kumkum bhagya marriage hall papers to the lawyer that these are the original and she does not know why BMC wants to break it. The lawyer asks his associate to get details about kumkum bhagya hall and tells Sarla that if the hall is on government leased land, government can take it. The only possible way to save it is if some influential person recommends her. He gets a call from his associate who informs him that the marriage hall is government's land and asks her not to lose hope.
Tanu angrily walks out murmuring that she will ruin Pragya’s life. Daadi comes there that she wants to thank and and apologize to her. She says she backed off and gave her place to Pragya. She invites her to her house and leaves with her cousins. The poducer comes there. She asks why did he come back. He says he wants to thank her as he saw her making Pragya fall and because of her, Abhi held Pragya and he asked the photographers to click their picture, now he will print hoardings of that picture. Just then his assistant brings Abhi and Pragya’s picture. He gives it to Tanu. Tanu decides she will not let Pragya stay in Abhi’s life and burns the picture.
Sarla search for the marriage hall papers and asks her family members if they found them and they all says they did not see papers. She gets Abhi’s Daadi’s call who invites her and her family for Dussehra Pooja and then party at her house. She accepts the invitation and informs her family about Daadi’s invitation. Bulbul says she will not go with them. Sarla asks if she wants to stay here as she wants to meet Purabh. Bulbul says if she goes there Aaliya and Abhi may get annoyed seeing her and will trouble Pragya more but if she really wants her to come, she will. Daadi's cousin sees beautiful rangoli on the ground and asks Daadi if she made it. Daadi says she did not and asks her cousins if they did. They say no. Raj’s children tell them that Pragya prepared it. Daadi decides she is lucky to have Pragya as daughter in-law.
Abhi tensely reminisces Aaliya’s engagement breakup and starts puffing cigarette. Pragya sees that and asks him to stop as he is burning his blood with cigarette puffs. He says his blood boils when he sees her face. Pragya says he has to bear her anyways and asks him to select his party dress. He refuses to come down for the Dussehra party. She request him to attend the party for his family’s sake. Abhi says his whole family’s lives are ruined because of her and begins to narrate the incident where Aaliya’s classmate Vickey proposes to her and tries to kill her with a knife after her denial during such Dussehra party. Purabh rescues her on time and gets injured instead. Abhi thanks Purabh and informs Daadi he had fixed Aaliya's marriage with Purabh’s, he promises Aaliya that he will get her married to Purabh before next Dussehra. He then tells Pragya he does not want to see the sad face of his sister, Aaliya and hence does not want to attend the party. Pragya still tries to convince him further to attend the party and she agrees that Aaliya is unhappy, but does not mean we should ignore the future happiness, and her Daadi says we should move on from past sorrows and find new happiness and asks him to decide if he wants to live in sorrows or find new happiness and leave the room.
Mitali prepares kheer and thinks she has to work as a servant. Her father-in-law tastes kheer, likes it and gives her money gift. Her mother in-law comes there and snatches the money and reminds him of last time’s Mitali’s raw kheer. The kids come there and tells her Pragya prepared it. Mitali's father in-law says he will give the neki to Pragya then. Taiji asks him to keep the money in his pocket. Later, Sarla along with others arrive for the Dussehra party and meets Daadi. Daadi welcome them in. She meets Bulbul and says she snatched Aaliya’s happiness by snatching Purabh. Bulbul tries to apologize for her mistake that she would not have loved Purabh if she knew about it before. But Daadi understand her, then hugs her that she is proud of her and that she is only happy that she had cleared all the misunderstandings regarding Pragya at the right time, else she would have misunderstood Pragya like Abhi. Bulbul thanks her instead for clearing her misunderstanding towards Pragya and hugs her.
A servants informs Aaliya that Daadi is calling her downstairs. Tanu also asks her to come down. Aaliya says she does not want to come down as she stills remembers her engagement with Purabh and his betrayal and blames Pragya for everything. Tanu says even she wants to take revenge from Pragya as she snatched Abhi from her and tells her about the hotel incident and that she will take revenge on Vijaya Dashami day. Akash’s car dashes Rachna by mistake. Rachna starts scolding him. Akash tells her he did it by mistake. She alleges that he purposely wanted to kill her and her child. Akash says he is worried about her instead. She falls unconscious. Akash holds her, and Purabh comes there and helps him drop her in his car. Akash asks Purabh’s to help him take Rachna to his home. Purabh hesitantly agrees. Raj’s mother sees Mitali and starts scolding her for burning her Dupatta purposely, trying to kill her and that she will cut it from her pocket money. Mitali asks when did she give her pocket money and laughs. Mitali's mother in-law then scolds her more harshly. Mitali gets sad hearing her scolding. Raj tries to console her, but she says it is because of him as he did not allow her to go to her father’s house.
Daadis see Abhi and Pragya and say they look like Radha Krishna. Abhi jokes and calls Radha maid, asks her to take care of the guests. Daadi cousin ggathers the guests that she wants to celebrate Dussehra party differently this time and says Abhi and Pragya will do Dandiya on Garba song. Pragya says she does not know Dandiya dance. Abhi thinks he can torture her in dance and starts dancing with her. He repeatedly beats her with Dandiya and starts dancing vigorously. Tanu comes there and calls Abhi. Pragya looks at her and hits Abhi by mistake. Abhi and Tanu allege Pragya. Pragya tries to rub his wound, but Tanu pushes her and takes Tanu. She starts nursing his wound. Daadi's cousin sees them together. Tanu says Abhi got injured during Dandiya dance and Pragya is busy dancing, so she thought of nursing him. Daadi's cousin decides Tanu comes here every other day to trap Abhi, so she will teach her a lesson.
Tanu thinks Abhi is angry with her still, so she has to convince him. She starts dancing sensuously on Chaliya chaliya…… song. Everyone enjoy her performance.
Purabh and Akash bring Rachna to Abhi’s home via back door. Purabh says he will drop Rachna to Akash’s room and leave before anyone sees him. They both drop Rachna on Akash’s bed. Taiji comes there and calls Akash. Akash drapes Rachana with blanket and asks Purabh to hide while he sends Taiji back. He comes out with towel and says he had gone to the washroom. She says washroom is also downstairs. He says he had to send mail and takes Taiji from there. Mitali and Raj dance on Dance Pe chance marle…. song… Daadi's and everyone enjoy their performance. Bulbul goes to catering area. She sees Aalliya and tries to leave because her presence does not go down well with Aaliya. Aaliya asks her to take food. Bulbul says she is not hungry. Aaliya asks why is she not hungry after snatching purabh from her and loads her plate with food, scolding her with hatred words. She asks Bulbul to eat. Bulbul starts crying and tries to eat with spoon. Aaliya asks her to eat like she usually eats as a middle class girl and then adds bowl full of chilli powder and salt. Purabh sees everything, goes there and asks her to mend her ways, else she will repent it more. He says he will eat and asks her also to eat as she loves him. She asks him to stop. Purabh says if he would have asked Bulbul to eat this food, she would have happily eaten it as she really loves me and says soon she will hate herself. Bulbul walks from there with teary eyes and sees Sarla standing in front of her. Sarla says she saw everything and wipes her tears. Read more

Wednesday 30/11/2016 On Young Dreams

Dayal sees the newspaper on the table and is about to grab it. Rachana notices her hockey stick near the bed which is near the table. She quickly rushes and grabs the paper giving it to Dayal. He tells her to take care of her wound. She says yes and he walks out. Rachana thinks luckily he didn’t see the hockey stick and wonders how long she has to hide this from him. Dolu comes into the room and talks to her about DID lil’ masters show. Gunjan is thinking about the discussion of Mayank and Charu's wedding when Mayank comes and asks her if she isn’t going to congratulate him on his wedding date being fixed and Gunjan congratulates him angrily and he thanks her in a sarcastic way and grabs her hand and asks her where she’s going and she tells him isn’t he even ashamed that his wedding is being fixed and he’s still holding her hand and she tells him to let go. He tells her he won’t let go easily. Seema tells Sangeetha to dry the clothes but Sangeetha tells her right now its important for her to cook and tells Seema to do it herself. Seema complains to herself and carries the pail of clothes. Gunjan keeps insisting that Mayank lets her hand go and he in return says she has so much anger. He tells her that he also is angry about the wedding and Gunjan replies he doesn’t care about her happiness and tells him to celebrate by dancing. Mayank jokingly tells her what her favourite dance is and he will dance to it. Mayank hears Seema’s voice and lets go of Gunjan’s hand.
Seema sees Gunjan at the terrace and tells her to help her hang the clothes. Mayank also comes there and asks his mother if he can help. Seema asks him what he’s doing at the terrace and he answered for some fresh air. He insists on helping but Seema says this isn’t for boys and his wife will do it for him and Mayank says she’s already doing it but Seema didn’t hear what he said and he starts helping her drying the clothes. He hangs the clothes and starts holding Gunjan’s hand telling her she didn’t tell him what song to dance on. Gunjan purposely drops the pail on Mayank’s foot and tells Seema she should get him married next month as he is ready. But Seema denies saying that he’ll agree at first but later disagree. Seema tells Gunjan to dry the remaining clothes as her back hurts and she wants to rest and leaves. Mayank holds Gunjan’s hand again and the wind blows and a cloth flies covering them. Mayank removes it and tells Gunjan he wants to tell her that he loves her. Gunjan angrily moves away. She tells him that he loves her and is marrying Charu and that is unfair to her and Charu. She further ask Mayank what is between them and is it just a wimp or a fancy. He says he loves her and they can’t be apart and to just give him some time and that he’ll make everything fine. Gunjan asks him what he’ll tell everyone especially his mother, father and Sangeetha and also to Charu’s family. She says will he say that after the engagement he suddenly changed his mind. She says that Shail aunty is discussing with Dayal uncle the date of Mayank and Charu’s wedding and the situation is not as easy as he thinks. Gunjan says what is Charu’s fault that she loved Mayank so much and she has even considered Mayank her husband and why should Charu suffer. Gunjan asks Mayank if he didn’t love Charu and didn’t want to get married why did he agree to the engagement. He tells her he knows marriage isn’t a joke and he only agreed as he wanted to prove to Gunjan that there’s a line of girls waiting for him too. He says he later got to know her and became close and then he understand what love is and how it is having a special someone in his life is. He admits getting engaged was a big mistake. He tells her a bigger mistake would be marrying Charu and losing her. He then says she will and forever be the only girl in his life and put a shawl on her head. While talking to Mayank, Gunjan accidently breaks a pot. Dayal and Dholu hear the sound and rush towards the terrace and Dayal shouts who’s there and both Mayank and Gunjan are hiding and Mayank is holding Gunjan tight. Dholu and Dayal shout who’s been here but there’s no answer. Dholu and Dayal walk around the terrace and Dholu is very near the place Mayank are hiding. Shail comes and tells Dayal that Gupta has come to meet him. Shail pulls Dholu away telling him his mother has been looking for him and Dholu tells her that they were looking for a theive and that he broke a pot and left. Shail doesn’t believe him and he says he’s telling the truth. She tells him he is not allowed to play alone on the terrace and drags him away. Mayank heave a sigh of relief. Gunjan then tells Mayank to let her go and he teasingly says his hand won’t budge. Gunjan manages to free herself and tells she wonder how long this hide and seek thing will go on for. Mayank tells her to trust him and with time all will be fine as he will handle it. Gunjan tells she trusts him and that’s why they’ve come this far. She is about to knock another pot as she goes and Mayank tells her to be careful and teases her more. Rachana asks Gunjan where she had been that she looked for her everywhere. Gunjan hugs Rachana. Rachana asks why and Gunjan simply asks her why was she looking for her. Rachana says she has something important to tell Gunjan and Gunjan says is she in love with a boy in college. Rachana tells her not to joke and is about to tell her when Bua comes by. Gunjan and Rachana go to their room and Gunjan asks what happened and Rachana says the hockey coach Rajiv hates her and that he placed her in the defense position even though she is good at attack. Rachana says she got scolded and hurt too.
Mayank practice how to tell his mother that he does not want to marry Charu then Seema walks in. Mayank tries his best to tell Seema that he does not want to marry Charu but fails as Seema does not understand as she is only thinking about how life will change with Charu as her dil. She wants a new car etc. Gunjan, Shaya and Rachna go to college, there are posters in college which says girls can't wear jeans but only suits and sarees. Gunjan and Rachna motivate all the girls and they tear the posters. Rachna shows her hockey coach to Gunjan. Gunjan says he is the smartest guy in college. Gunjan sits on the bench to watch Rachna's hockey practice. Rachna tries to tell the coach that she wants to play attack but he disagrees. Mayank texts Gunjan that he is near the canteen. Gunjan leaves without telling Rachna. Rachna sees the bench empty and messes her practice . Mayank gives Gunjan flowers and they have a cute moment. Mayank on bike very is happy. Gunjan holding the flowers while Charu and her mother are in the car and they stop at the same traffic signal Mayank are. Charu is about to spot Mayank but a beggar comes near her car and blocks her view. Gunjan hears Charu's voice and turns and she is shocked to see Charu.
Gunjan hears Charu's voice while she is arguing with the beggar she gets down from the bike, when Mayank asks her she tells him to turn while she walks near the signal to hide. Charu spots Mayank and gets down. She says that she is going to their house to give him a surprise and sits on his bike. Gunjan is watching all this. Mayank makes an excuse that he is going to the garage to get his bike repaired. Charu kisses him on the cheek. The crowd teases them and Charu drags Mayank near the place Gunjan is hiding and Gunjan has dropped her bag as she gets scared seeing Charu heading towards her. Charu spots it and says it might be a bomb and after lot of hard work Mayank manages to send her off. Gunjan is upset and tells Mayank that she will never meet him till all this is sorted out . Read More

Wednesday 30/11/2016 On Antara

Mrs. Gupta taunts Vidya on how they will hide Antaras reality from Sameers family. Sameers father calls up Aditya regarding the wedding arrangements. Vidya meets Vikram to get the answers to her queries and tells him that Antara is Adityas illegitimate child. Billu and Abhishek play a prank on Antara with a vacuum cleaner, because of which Antara starts yelling. Mrs. Gupta instigates Aarti to take Antara to a `Tantrik. Vidya realises it when she returns home. Aditya contacts Aarti and asks her to bring Antara home immediately. Aditya gets annoyed with Aarti for taking her to a `Tantrik. Abhishek notices the bruises on Antaras hands. Vidya asks Abhishek what had happened. Aditya feels bad for Antara. Aarti apologises to Aditya for her behavior. Aditya is worried about his financial problems, Sameer suggests him to seek Vidyas help. Vidya drops Antara to the clinic. Vidya drops Antara to the clinic. Vikram continues the therapy session with Antara. Aditya notices a change in Vikrams attitude towards him. A priest tells Aditya that there could be lot of obstacles in Aarti and Sameers marriage. Aditya asks Vidya, what Vikram knows about Antara.  Read more 

Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Iran, Iraq at loggerheads with Saudis ahead of OPEC meeting

Iran and Iraq are resisting pressure from Saudi Arabia to curtail oil production, making it hard for the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries to reach a global output-limiting deal when it meets on Wednesday. OPEC sources told Reuters a meeting of experts in Vienna on Monday failed to bridge differences between OPEC's de facto leader, Saudi Arabia, and the group's second- and third-largest producers over the mechanics of output cuts. "The revival of Iran’s lost share in the oil market is the national will and demand of Iranian people," Iranian news agency Shana quoted the country's oil minister Bijan Zanganeh, who was due to arrive in Vienna later on Tuesday, as saying.OPEC, which accounts for a third of global oil production, agreed in September to cap output at around 32.5-33.0 million barrels per day versus the current 33.64 million bpd to prop up oil prices, which have halved since mid-2014.Iran has argued it wants to raise production to regain market share lost under Western sanctions, when its political arch-rival Saudi Arabia increased output.In recent weeks, Riyadh offered to cut its own output by 0.5 million bpd, according to OPEC sources, and suggested Iran limit production at below 4 million bpd. Tehran has sent mixed signals including that it wanted to produce 4.2 million bpd.Iraq has also been pressing for higher output limits, saying it needs more money to fight the militant group Islamic State.The argument between Iraq and Saudi Arabia mainly focuses on whether Baghdad should use its own output estimates to limit production or rely on lower figures from OPEC's experts.As tensions within OPEC mounted, Saudi Energy Minister Khalid al-Falih said at the weekend that oil markets would rebalance even without an output-limiting pact. He had previously said Riyadh was keen for a deal. Falih was not expected to land in Vienna before Tuesday evening, leaving little time for traditional pre-meeting discussions with other ministers."The feeling today is mixed," Indonesian Energy Minister Ignasius Jonan told reporters on Tuesday when asked about the prospects of a deal. "I don't know. Let's see." Read more

Tuesday 29/11/2016 On King Of Hearts

Baveja is seen holding a dress thinking that Samaira would look even more beautiful when she wears it. At the same moment, the doorbell rings where Baveja's servant shows up, saying that he requires leaves for few days and behalf of him, he is going to leave his sister at work. The servant's sister is no one but Roshni who claims herself to be Sushila. When Roshni speaks out, Samaira hears her voice and remembers it to be someone's whom she knows very well. Samaira then crawls up to a glass that was placed on the table and pushes it down.
Roshni gets back to her mother and husband where both of them get worried when they find the cut on Roshni's finger. Roshni claims that she has done it by herself in order to find the owner of the car key that she found on the table in Baveja's house. Later, Roshni and Siddharth devise a plan to trap Baveja where, Siddharth near Baveja's home starts insulting him on a mic. Unable to bear the insults Baveja.  Read more

Tuesday 29/11/2016 On Twist Of Fate

Abhi's Daadi and her cousins come to the hotel to meet Abhi and give him and Pragya a surprise. The receptionist says he cannot let them in without Abhi’s permission. Another receptionist says they are Abhi’s family and Abhi will get them out of work if he will know about it and gives wrong room number to Daadis. The receptionist asks why did he give them wrong number. He says let them wander for some time, he will inform Abhi before that.
Abhi is busy romancing Tanu in her room. Daadi's cousin asks Daadi what will be Abhi and Pragya’s reaction if they see them. Daadi says she should tell them that they brought her here and that when they have come here, let us meet them. They say they will tell surprise…. when they come out. A fat man comes out just then. Daadi's cousin says she is seeing someone else than Abhi. Daadi tells her he is not our Abhi as he is black and fat. The man says he is not Abhi and he booked this room. Daadi's cousin says she will teach receptionist a lesson as he lied to them. They then sees Pragya in the corridor. Pragya gets shocked seeing Daadi and her cousins and tries to somehow keep her from reaching Abhi's room as he is busy spending time with Tanu. Daadi’s asks her about Abhi and ask where he is hiding. Abhi who is busy with Tanu gets Pragya’s call, but he does not pick. Tanu thinks she must be jealous of her and says she will enjoy scolding her. She picks up the call and asks her not to disturb her. Pragya repeatedly says Daadi has come, but Tanu does not listen to her at all and switched off the phone. Pragya thinks how to take Daadi’s to Tanu’s room, they will not go before meeting Abhi. She tries to engage Daadi with her talks.
Abhi tries to sleep, but cannot as he gets Pragya’s flashback. He thinks she is a ghost that he cannot forget her at all. Pragya on the other hand tells Daadi and her cousins she forgot her room number, asks them to wait and to rest on the sofa while she finds the room and goes to Abhi's room to warn him about Daadi. Daadi's cousin asks how will she find the room. Pragya says there is a showpiece outside her room, she will find and take them later. Pragya knocks Tanu’s room door. She comes out and asks her why is she disturbing her. Pragya asks about Abhi. Tanu says he is not in a position to talk to her and asks her to walk out silently. Pragya says she wants to talk to Abhi, else they will be in big problem. Tanu says she is a big problem and she tries to shut door on her. Pragya pushes her and tries to get it, and she pushes her out. Abhi comes out and asks why did she come here. Pragya informs him about Daadi's sudden entry to meet them. Abhi asks her to bring them here and tries to close the door, but then gets conscious and gets tensed. He takes both Pragya and Tanu in. Tanu and Pragya both start fighting with Tanu alleging that Pragya called Daadi's purposely to ruin her fun with Abhi. Pragya says she did not. Abhi stops them and says if Pragya would have called, she would have been in her room. The room boy comes and tells Abhi that his daadi’s are coming towards his room. He asks Tanu to hide to avoid Daadi and her cousins from seeing her. He tells her to hide inside fridge, toilet, etc. Pragya suggests window. Abhi likes her idea and hides her outside the window. Daadi’s ask the room boy about Abhi’s room number. He gives Abhi’s number to her. Daadi's cousin says let us go and check. Daadi says Pragya will come to take us to their room, but then agrees to Daadi's cousin demand and walks towards the room. Tanu gets afraid of height and gets back into the room. Abhi gets tensed and asks her to hide in the toilet. He then sees false ceiling and asks her to hide under it. Tanu says she will not as she is afraid of heights. Abhi says it is better than a window. He demonstrates how to get into false ceiling but instead gets trapped himself. Pragya and Tanu pulls him down, and he falls on Pragya.
Abhi and Pragya after hiding Tanu are convinced they can once again deceive their Daadi and her cousins and just then they hear a knock on the door. Abhi says he will act as sleeping. Pragya loosens her hair as if she was sleeping and opens the door. Daadis ask why did she take so long to open the door. Pragya gets shy. Daadi’s think she must be sleeping with Abhi. Daadi and her cousins enter the room and are happy to meet Abhi. Abhi acts as surprised and asks why did they come here. Daadi's say they came to give him a surprise and to check if he is behaving well with Pragya. Daadi's cousin sees Tanu’s dress and asks if she tried and showed it to Abhi. Pragya says she did not. Daadi then says we sent them to get a baby and they themselves are disturbing them, asks Abhi to continue while they meet him tomorrow. Tanu sees cockroach and starts shouting. While Daadi and her cousins are busy having a conversation with Pragya and Abhi, they hears sound from above and they asks Pragya what sound it is but Pragya tries pretends like she has heard nothing and tries to keep them deluded but Daadi and her cousins point towards the roof and say that they had heard the sound coming from the roof. Pragya later says Abhi’s mad fan is shouting from the window. Daadi asks him to speak to his fan. Abhi tries to speak to Tanu, but Pragya signals him to speak to his fan outside the window. Abhi shouts near the window and asks fan who is not there to stop shouting, else he will change his room. Daadi sees Pragya and Abhi sweating and asks them to switch on the AC. Tanu thinks she will get freezed if the AC is on. Daadi's cousin switches the AC on. Abhi acts as feeling cold and shivering. Daadi switches off the AC and asks Abhi and Pragya to rest. Daadi's cousin asks Pragya to chug Abhi and make him feel warm. Pragya hugs him tightly. Daadi get elated and leave from there.
Once they go out, Abhi starts shouting at Pragya and calls Tanu. Tanu instead falls in some other room. A man in the room sees her and gets elated. His wife comes and asks where did this girl come from. He says from the roof. she starts crying that she is the one he is hiding from many days. Bulbul gets up in the middle of night remembering her mother and gets into her room to check on her. Sarla is sound asleep. She gets back to her room. Daadi wakes up and sees them both sleeping, prays Vahe guru to protect her family.
Next morning, Daadi’s reach Pragya and Abhi’s room and say they wanted to give them surprise. Daadi's cousin sees Abhi sleeping and thinks he must have been awake the whole night. Abhi wakes up and asks when did they come. Daadi's cousin gives him rose and asks to dorn it on Pragya. Abhi keeps it on her ears and jokes that phool is on fool. Tanu reaches there and gets tensed seeing Daadi. Daadis ask why did she come there. Tanu says the producer hired her for advertisement. Daadi's cousin says Pragya looks beautiful than her. Abhi says they both are different and that one is rose flower and other is cauliflower, both are useful. Read more

Tuesday 29/11/2016 On Young Dreams

They come near the gate when Gunjan remembers that she had told everyone that she will get basketball for Dholu who is at his friend's house. Mayank comes home and Seema is overjoyed while others are also happy. Gunjan returns with Dholu and the ball teases Mayank that he is back so soon. She says when she saw Mayank's drama she thought he wouldn't come for a long time. He teases her back saying he came for someone who would die without him he then says its his mother leaving a blushing Gunjan. Seema wants to serve sweets but Rachna and Gunjan go to the kitchen to get gulab jamuns for everyone where Rachna asks Gunjan if she is the season why Mayank is back. Gunjan is shocked at first but brushes it off that she went with Dholu while Mayank was at the bus stop. Rachna feels something is fishy. Gunjan goes to serve but ends up standing next to Mayank talking but Dholu interrupts saying she should serve everyone. After the meal Mayank wants Gunjan to meet him at the terrace and uses sign language to convey the same. Gunjan tries to escape but Shayl asks all the ladies to clean the rice. Mayank ends up banging his leg to the basketball. Gunjan is laughing while Dholu is angry. Gunjan is cleaning the rice while Mayank is trying to catch her attention but Gunjan can't meet him. Sangeeta is upset and worried that the reason Mayank was about to leave the house should not hinder the marriage. Gunjan is walking when someone pulls her in the room and it turns out that it's Mayank who corners her. He wants her to confess her love to him, holds her hand but Seema ends up disturbing them. Rachna tells shayl that she has to wear sports gear for hockey and Shayl enquires if it is wearing small clothes Rachna says yes and Shayl is shocked.
Shayl tells Rachna that she should wear knee length skirts and she can change once she reaches college. She reminds Rachna that no one has worn jeans in their house and her father has no idea she plays hockey. Gunjan is hiding behind Mayank's bed when Seema enters to give him milk. Mayank tells his mother that his body is aching so that he can send her from his room but Gunjan sees a cockroach and screams. Seema is shocked to see her in Mayank's room and even Mayank acts surprised. Gunjan says that she and Dholu are playing hide and seek. Mayank and Gunjan are in their respective rooms and use the table lamp to signal each other by switching it off and on. Gunjan meets Mayank on the terrace and gets surprised when she finds the terrace decorated with rose petals as he wants an answer from her and wants Gunjan to say the three letters words. Gunjan says you are mad. Mayank agrees he is mad for her then he tells her she need not say it as he can read it in her eyes. They are about to kiss when there's some sound and Gunjan leaves saying its getting late. Next morning, both Gunjan and Mayank are sleeping for a long time. Chaya comes to call Rachna for college. She says that she has got something to solve Rachna's problem for wearing skirt.They end up in the college bathroom trying to get rid of hair on Rachna's leg using hair removal cream. They spend more than 15 minutes inside causing a huge crowd outside the washroom. Shayl is trying to change Gunjan's dressing but Dayal calls and Mayank offers to help her. He gently ties the bandage on her neck. The perfect moment is disturbed by Charu who walks in. Gunjan and Mayank are both shocked. Charu says they both are looking funny as if they are playing statue, she starts asking Gunjan questions about her injuries and Gunjan is about to walk away, Mayank stops her. Charu then holds Mayank's hand. Gunjan is aghast and she drops a bomb saying that her parents have come to fix their marriage date. Mayank is heartbroken.
Charu holds Mayank's hand and keeps talking nonstop. Mayank is unhappy, Gunjan leaves the room and Mayank follows. Charu thinks that Mayank is not in good mood. Mayank comes down, takes Seema in a corner and tells her he does not want to marry at this point in time. Seema tells him to keep quiet in front of everyone while she handles the situation. Charu keeps giving weird expressions. Gunjan feels bad when Charu's parents address Mayank as their son-in-law. Charu's mother makes Gunjan serve sweets to everyone. When Gunjan is near Mayank he pats her hand reassuring that everything will be all right. Sangeeta makes Charu and Mayank sit together. Charu grabs Mayank's hand leaving Gunjan sad. Rachna is feeling weird as she is wearing a small skirt but Chaya encourages her that she has a great figure which makes girls jealous and guys check her out . Rachna is scared she will be late but reaches exactly on time and the coach is happy that everyone is on time. He announces the position which the girls will play and he gives Rachna defense. Rachna is unhappy and goes to the coach that she can attack well. The coach asks her who is the coach then holds her hand and takes her to the exact position she will be playing. Charu's mom gives few dates which she says are auspicious and are next month. Shayl says that Dayal and Mayank father need to discuss first and only then dates can be finalized. Charu's mother agrees but hints that they should choose between the next month dates. Rachna ends up falling and gets hurt. The coach does not bother and tells her to learn how to hold the hockey stick right, he turns the upside down stick and leaves. Rachna comes home and is happy that Mayank and Charu are about to get married and teases both of them . Before going Charu gives Mayank a pendant which has pictures of both of them and sings hum tum ek pendent mein band ho. Dayal enters Rachna's room while trying to dress her wound. Her hockey stick is lying outside and Rachna is shocked
Dayal sees the newspaper on the table and is about to grab it. Rachana notices her hockey stick near the bed which is near the table. She quickly rushes and grabs the newspaper giving it to Dayal. He tells her to take care of her wound. She says yes and he walks out. Rachana thinks luckily he didn’t see the hockey stick and wonders how long she has to hide this from him. Dolu comes into the room and talks to her about DID lil’ masters show. Gunjan is thinking about the discussion of Mayank and Charu's wedding when Mayank comes and asks her if she isn’t going to congratulate him on his wedding date being fixed and Gunjan congratulates him angrily and he thanks her in a sarcastic way and grabs her hand, asks her where she’s going and she tells him isn’t he even ashamed that his wedding is being fixed and he’s still holding her hand and she tells him to let go. He tells her he won’t let go easily. Read more 

Tuesday 29/11/2016 On Antara

Aditya is glad to see that Antara recognises herself. Vikram tells Aditya about Vidyas visit. Vidya tells Aditya about her pregnancy, and her worry that their second child could be autistic. Vidya reads a book about autism, and gets annoyed with Abhishek when he does not respond to her.
Adityas boss Kataria asks him to pass his brother-in-laws loan or else bear the consequences. Vikram comes to drop Antara home. Vidya asks Vikram if there can be more than one autistic child in a family. Aditya promises that he will support Antara all his life. Sameers father calls up Aditya and asks him to fix the wedding date. Kataria is pleased with Aditya because his job is done.
Kataria is pleased with Aditya because his job is done. Aditya gets annoyed when he realises that Sameer has changed the reports regarding Katarias brother-in-laws loan. Aditya tells Aarti and Sameer that he has decided to get them married in the next month. Mrs. Gupta distributes sweets to celebrate the arrival of her new car. Read more

Brazil football team Chapecoense in Colombia plane crash

A plane carrying 81 people, including a top Brazilian football team, has crashed on its approach to the city of Medellin in Colombia, officials say. Reports say there are six survivors. The plane reported electrical problems. The chartered aircraft, flying from Bolivia, was carrying members of the Chapecoense football team, airport officials said. The team was due to play in the final of the Copa Sudamericana, against Medellin team Atletico Nacional. The first leg of the final of the cup, South America's second most important club competition, was scheduled for Wednesday, but has now been suspended. The South American Football Confederation (Conmebol) said it was suspending "all activities".The team, from the southern city of Chapeco, was promoted to Brazil's first division in 2014 and reached the final last week after a victory against Argentina's San Lorenzo. Reports say the British Aerospace 146 short-haul plane, operated by Bolivian charter airline Lamia and carrying 72 passengers and nine crew, crashed in Cerro Gordo in the municipality of La Union shortly before midnight local time (05:00 GMT). According to an airport press release, it was reporting an electrical fault to the control tower.Medellin's Mayor Federico Gutierrez described it as "a tragedy of huge proportions". The Jose Maria Cordova de Rionegro airport, which serves Medellin, posted on its Twitter account: "Confirmed, the aircraft licence number CP2933 was carrying the team @ChapecoenseReal. Apparently there are survivors." It later said in a statement that "all possible aid was being mobilised because six survivors are being reported". Poor weather has meant that the crash site, in a mountainous area, is only accessible by land. However, there was no fire on impact, which has given rescuers hope that more survivors may be found. CONMEBOL said in a statement that its president, Alejandro Dominguez, was on his way to Medellin. "The CONMEBOL family greatly regrets what happened. All activities of the confederation are suspended until further notice," it said. Read more

Monday, 28 November 2016

Monday 28/11/2016 On King Of Hearts

Siddharth rushes into Durgadevi's house and starts searching for Samaira. Seeing Siddharth at her home, Durgadevi gets furious on him and starts questioning him that why did he come to her home. Siddharth informs Durgadevi and her mother that Samaira is in deep trouble where she is in the clutches of the womanist who has thousands of cases pending on him. Durgadevi immediately calls Samaira up who informs her that she is going to the airport with her boss and is leaving to Shangai. Baveja who finds out that Samaira's family is searching for her, decides not to go to the airport.
Siddharth and Durgadevi reach Baveja's home with police. Seeing Siddharth, Rajveer hides behind a table and finds a right opportunity and escapes from Baveja's home. Siddharth, Durgadevi and the police find Baveja talking to someone over the phone, the police show him the warrant and start searching for Samaira. Not finding Samaira anywhere, Siddharth, Read more 

Monday 28/11/2016 On Twist Of Fate

Abhi punishes the guard of the haveli. Pragya counts the numbers. He asks them to forgive him. Abhi scares him and he leaves. Abhi and Pragya finally get to escape from the scary house when Abhi's phone gets charged and after he gets a call from a producer. He tells him his situation, gives him the address of the house and immediately asks him to pick him up from wherever he is. Pragya shouts seeing something.
Meanwhile, Bulbul cries and is upset that she could not do anything for her mother's Kumkum Bhagya marriage hall. She cries badly. Tanu reaches the hotel where Abhi is supposed to be reaching and awaits for Abhi. She asks the producer and gets shocked when she learns that Abhi has not reach the place yet and is with Pragya. Tanu thinks Abhi might have been in some problem. Abhi and Pragya reaches the hotel and given a grand welcome. Abhi and Pragya think about the haunted house and smile looking at each other. Tanu gets irked. The media asks questions from Abhi and Pragya. The producer asks the media to let them rest. They request a photo of them. Abhi and Pragya stand together for a photo shoot. The producer says, he have booked the best room of this hotel for them. He tells them that he has hired security guard for them. Tanu gets angry. Abhi asks her to listen to him. Tanu says, you didn’t call and inform me anything. Abhi tells her that his phone battery was dead and they met with an accident. He lies to her that Pragya tried to kill him and he couldn’t do anything because of his Daadi. Tanu says, we will spend some quality time together. Abhi says, he wants to relax. Tanu asks him to freshen up.
Abhi and Pragya’s romantic kiss confusion annoyed Tanu in KumKum Bhagya
Bulbul looks at her mother and covers her with blanket properly. She kisses her forehead. Beeji sees this and takes her with her. She tells her that she is her Daadi and that bad time will go soon. She tells her they will find a way out for the problems. Sarla hears them and cries.
Pragya is keeping the clothes in the cupboard. Abhi asks her to get out of the room. Pragya asks, where I will go? Abhi reminds her that she is celebrity’s wife and asks her not to get happy. They argue. Abhi touches her nose and asks her to keep quiet.
Tanu comes to Abhi’s room, but is stopped by the guard. They tells her they can’t let any unknown person in Abhi’s room. Tanu gets angry and asks them to wait and watch. Abhi throws the stuff. Tanu calls for Abhi. Abhi comes out and asks the guards why they didn’t let her in. They ask Abhi to get Daadi’s permission. Abhi tells them that he can’t disturb Daadi in the night and asks them not to let her go out. Pragya feels sad. She gets Daadi’s call. Daadi asks her about her journey. Pragya tells her that everything is fine. Daadi says, I know that Abhi might be angry and asks her not to get upset. She tells her that marriage is a moment of happiness and a child is the strong bonding between the two. She asks her to give a new relation and become a mother of Abhi’s child. She continues that Abhi’s anger will be lowered then. Pragya is speechless. Daadi asks her to give her the good news soon. Pragya tells her okay. Daadi gets elated and says I will wait for you both. Pragya is tensed.
Tanu tells Abhi that they are finally together. Abhi says, he is happy as Pragya is not with him. He says, I feel you. Later, announcement is made by the hotel manager about Abhi and Pragya's arrival at their hotel and asks for lights to be switched off, asks everyone to light their candles and have romantic candle light dinner. Abhi thinks everything is happening good after Pragya left. Pragya comes to the restaurant area to have food. She sits on the chair opposite Abhi unknowingly. When the lights go off Abhi tells her that he was waiting for her assuming that she is Tanu. He hugs Pragya from behind and is about to kiss her. He asks her to kiss him. Pragya is shocked.
Abhi tries to kiss Prayga in the dark assuming her as Tanu. Pragya reminisces mother's words about husband and wife and their love and gets emotional feeling Abhi’s touch. Abhi praises her hair and tries to kiss her. Just then Tanu comes there, lights her candle and is shocked to see Abhi trying to kiss Pragya. She gets furious with him and burns his finger with candle paraffin and walks out of the venue. Abhi realizes his mistake and tries to console Tanu, but she walks out angrily from there. Daadi and her cousins sadly talk about missing Abhi and Pragya that she checked their room twice thinking they are there. Daadi cousin decides on playing prank.
Abhi goes to Tanu and tries to convince her that if he would have known it was Pragya, he would have strangulated her, and she spoilt her mood. Tanu tells him he has to convince her. He asks her to kiss him. She angrily says she is going to her room and walks away. Abhi’s fan forcefully takes selfie with him. Abhi later goes to Pragya, sits with her for the candle light dinner and angrily throws spoon. He takes Pragya to a corner, tries to shouts at her but ends up only threatening her in a funny manner that she must have purposely allowed him to kiss her and asks what if someone else would have been there and then thinks what is he talking. He asks if she would have allowed him to kiss her if Tanu would not have come. She says she would not have allowed. He says because of her his mood is spoilt. He sees Villain movie on TV whereby villain kills heroine with screw driver, takes apple and knife and cuts it that he would have enjoyed killing her like this. He asks her to not come in front of her as a punishment, else he will cut her into pieces. He then goes to console Tanu. Pragya feels bad seeing that Abhi cares more for Tanu and less for his own wife. She thinks why did she not stop Abhi from coming near her and then reminisces Daadi’s words that she needs a great grand kid soon.
Tanu calls Aaliya that she has handled everything and tells her that Abhi is staying with her today and she will make him crazy. Abhi knocks on Tanu door. She starts acting again as angry and opens the door. Abhi tries to lure Tanu with Vodka, tea, etc., and then says he cannot do this and asks her to come near him. He takes ice and tries to rib it on her shoulder. She throws it away. He finally manages to charm her with his tactics that we get very little time to enjoy and they are wasting it. She gets convinced that she knows he does not know how to convince her, so she was just acting. She asks him to stay with her tonight. He says he will stay with her anyways. She says she will act as walking on a ramp and try to fall down, he should hold her. He says he will hold her and give her French kiss. She says it sounds good.
Later, Pragya calls her mother. Sarla who is tensed about her marriage hall eviction notice begins to cry and asks if she she is fine and how is Abhi. She says Abhi is very nice and he even took her for a candle light dinner and this is the happiest day of her life. Sarla says even she is happy hearing this and asks why is her voice changed. Pragya says she ate ice cream. Sarla asks her not to worry that she will take care of the hall. Pragya asks what happened to hall. She says nothing and instead lies that the marriage hall is perfectly fine but just that the door broke off and she will trying to replace it and she will handle everything alone. Pragya asks why will she handle it alone and asks if she is still angry with Bulbul, asks her to let her speak to her. Sarla says she has gone out and asks her to let her speak to Abhi. Pragya says he has gone out to attend producer’s meeting and that she will talk to her later. Sarla asks her to be happy and disconnect the call. She then starts crying vigorously and thinks she cannot tell her problems to her and make her sad. Read more

Monday 28/11/2016 On Young Dreams

Mayank tells Gunjan with or without the scar she will always be the most beautiful girl to him forever. Mayank tells her he had no bad intentions and didn’t want to hurt her. He tells her to believe him. Gunjan tells Mayank that he hurt her a lot. Gunjan says she has no interest in knowing how and why it happened. Rachana is overhearing the conversation. Gunjan tells him to leave and he does. Rachna hides outside as Mayank leaves the room. She comes into the room and asks Gunjan why she yelled at Mayank. Gunjan tells her she feels sleepy and to off the lights. Rachna says no I’m talking to you and Gunjan says talk about what and Rachna says why does she always fight with Mayank. Gunjan tells Rachna not to get involved if she doesn’t know anything. Rachna then asks what happened between both of them and Gunjan flashes back to the kiss. Rachna asks her what happened but Gunjan says she wants to go and sleep. Rachna tells Gunjan instead of fighting she should thank him because he cared for Gunjan and felt her pain as his. If it had not been for Mayank, Mintu would not be in jail. Rachna says she promised Mayank not to tell Gunjan but seeing them fight she just had to. She said by telling her Gunjan might see Mayank in another perspective and that the fight will end. Gunjan tells her she won’t understand and goes to sleep. Mayank thinks after getting to know each other so well how can Gunjan think he would hurt her. He then hears Seema asking if he is asleep and he pretends to sleep. Seema thinks thank God a daughter-in-law will be coming, he is so irresponsible for not offing the lights or taking off his shoes. Seema says she is excitedly awaiting for Charu’s arrival and that she will put her worries away. Mayank thinks no one in this house understands him. Gunjan and Mayank think of all the good and bad times they had together.
Rachna says hi to Chaya and asks her what is this and who’s clothes is she wearing. She asks Chaya if her parents don’t like her wearing jeans then why get into trouble. Chaya says because if she wants to mix around with people at college then she suppose to do all this. Chaya further says what’s the advantage of studying in a co-ed if you don’t get to do this. Chaya then tells Gunjan why is she sitting quietly, is she observing silence. Gunjan then retorts does she have to have a reason to be quiet. Chaya asks how she is feeling and Gunjan says she’s fine. Chaya says good get well soon then we all will go to college together. Shail comes and tells Chaya you’re here and Chaya greets her. Shail tells Gunjan to take her medicine. Meanwhile Rachna notices Chaya’s jeans showing under her salwar pants and pulls her salwar pants down to hide the jeans. Shail tells Rachna and Chaya to go on if not they will be late. Shail then leaves. Chaya thanks Rachna for helping her. Rachna then says comes lets go and they both say bye to Gunjan. Gunjan says to herself she did not do the right thing to Mayank and that she should talk to him and clear the misunderstanding if not these thoughts will keep coming in her mind. At college the teacher tells the class to settle down and sit at their places. The teacher then tells the students selected under the sports quota to meet their respective coaches. A girl next to Rachna ask if she was selected for hockey and Rachna says yes. The girl wishes her best of luck telling her the coach is nothing less than an army general. She tells Rachana not to get in trouble with him and not to break his rules as he could cut her admission. Seema asks Mayank what is he doing as he packs his bag. She asks him if she made a mistake and Mayank says no she didn’t do anything and he isn’t leaving because of her and he has to go to Kanpur. Seema then asks how come he suddenly has planned to go to Kanpur and she is sure someone said something to him that has made him upset. She tells him to tell her what’s wrong. He insists nothing is wrong. She asks if he had a fight with Charu. She asks him is it because he doesn’t want a hasty wedding and tells him she will talk to Charu’s family and will handle everything. He tells her not to disturb him and he has to go and not to stop him. He sees Gunjan at the door.
They show someone putting on his jacket and tying his shoe laces as Rachna works around the campus asking the college girls who is it that everyone seems scared of. And the girls tell her who else but the hockey coach. They ask her if she plays hockey and she says yes. One of the girls warns her to be careful. Rachna prays to God to help her and in return she will offer prasad. The coach opens the file and sees the list of names of the hockey players. Rachna walks to the field and seeing no one there thinks to herself if she came to the wrong place. The hockey coach arrives there. He and Rachna look at each other. Rachana asks him if he came to meet the hockey coach and he says yes and she further says that we were told to meet here right. She says thank God she thought she came to the wrong place. She tells him that the hockey coach is strict and that everyone is afraid of him and that she doesn’t know what will happen to her. The hockey coach asks her what else has she heard about this coach and she says that he follows discipline and that puts of everyone’s mood. She said she dreamt to be able to learn a lot from this coach but if he’s like this all her dreams are shattered. All the other players come and wishes him Good afternoon. Rachna is shocked. He wishes them and says that he is their coach Rajeev Agrawal. He says its good news that many students were chosen under the sports quota especially for hockey to join SVC but the matter doesn’t end there but begins with the hockey stick before entering the field. He says that they have heard a lot about him and hopefully it will come true. He says you heard I’m strict but I’m very strict and that everyone has to run to round for being late except for Rachna.
Rachana tells the coach she is sorry. He asks for her name and she says Rachna stammering. He then says full name and she says Rachana Garg. He then say oh so she is the girl that was fasting on the day of try outs thinking she could make it and she did. He says that she is very lucky because on the day of the selections he wasn’t there and if he was she wouldn’t be here today. He tells her you need the passion if not you are wasting everyone’s time and asks her if she gets his point and Rachana says yes. He further says from now on she has no excuses and to go and change into sports gear quickly.
Rachna tells that she has no idea about the sports gear so he punishes her by making her run three rounds of the ground and he asks everyone to report at 4 o'clock sharp for practice and tells Rachna that she needs to have sports gear. Rachna discusses it with Chaya and they decide that once they buy the sports gear Rachna will wear it beneath her regular salwar suit. Mayank is packing and Seema is really upset. Mayank has a heart to heart talk with his father who agrees to let him go so that Mayank has time to think about his life. Rachna comes back home with Sangeeta and Dolu who she meets in the market. Dholu has made a get well soon card for Gunjan who is upset . Rachna sees her crying and enquires Gunjan covers it up that she is having pain. Rachna wants to take Gunjan to a doctor but Gunjan refuses that she is taking medicine. Dholu makes Gunjan smile by tickling her. Mayank is in the hall about to leave with the whole family. Sangeeta does not want him to go neither does Seema. Mayank convinces Dayal who agrees thinking Mayank wants to study. Gunjan is upset as she knows that Mayank is leaving because of her. Rachna notices the tension between Mayank and Gunjan and asks her if Mayank is leaving because of her. Gunjan runs away. Mayank sits in an auto to leave for the bus stop. Gunjan is standing upstairs and sees him go she breaks down.
Mayank reaches the bus stop lost in Gunjan's thoughts buys a ticket to kanpur. He has a handy cam he sees videos of Gunjan walking in front of a mirror eating ice cream and misses her. He sits in the bus which moves. Gunjan reaches the bus stop, runs behind the bus and finally stands in front of it and the bus stops. She gets in and searches for Mayank as soon as she sees him she starts hitting him and tells him that he does not care for her feelings. Mayank asks her what does she mean and asks her to confess, the whole bus encourages her but she can't say the three words which Mayank said on the terrace. Seema is upset and crying while others are trying to cheer her up. Gunjan and Mayank are walking back home, Mayank holds Gunjan's hand but she runs away hinting that she will tell him when the time is right. They come near the gate when Gunjan remembers that she had told everyone that she will get basketball for Dholu who is at his friends house. Mayank comes home and Seema is overjoyed while others are also happy. Gunjan returns with Dholu and the boy teases Mayank that he is back so soon. She says when she saw Mayank's drama she thought he wouldn't come for a long time. He teases her back saying he came for someone who would die without him he then says its his mother leaving a blushing Gunjan. Read more

Monday 28/11/2016 On Antara

Abhishek asks Vidya to caress Antaras wound. Aditya tells Vidya that Antara is autistic. Vidya tells Aditya that she is pregnant, but realises that he did not hear her. Vikram tells Aditya that with regular therapy, Antara can become self-dependent to quite an extent. Aditya is worried about the funds needed for Antaras therapy. Antara yells when she sees Billu and Abhishek hiding toffees in her bag. Aditya immediately calls Dr. Vikram. Antara calms down when she gets her bag back. Aditya realises that Vidya and Vikram are childhood friends. Abhishek tells Aditya that he is afraid of Antara. Adityas boss sanctions his request for an advance salary. Vidya visits Vikram at his clinic. Vidya visits Vikram at his clinic and enquires about autism. Vikram begins the therapy on Antara and teaches her to recognize herself. He gives her a painting kit. Adityas boss asks a favor in return for his favor. Aditya tells Sameer that he will fix the wedding date soon. Read more

OPEC makes last-ditch bid to save oil deal as tensions grow

OPEC was trying on Monday to rescue a deal to limit oil output as tensions grew among the producer group and non-OPEC member Russia, with top exporter Saudi Arabia saying markets would rebalance even without an agreement. OPEC experts started a meeting in Vienna at 0900 GMT and were due to make recommendations to their ministers on how exactly the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries should reduce production when it meets on Nov. 30. Meanwhile, the Algerian and Venezuelan oil ministers were to travel to Moscow on Monday and Tuesday in a final attempt to persuade Russia to take part in cuts instead of merely freezing output, which has reached new highs in the past year.In September, OPEC, which accounts for a third of global oil production, agreed to cap output at around 32.5-33.0 million barrels per day versus the current 33.64 million bpd to prop up oil prices, which have more than halved since mid-2014. The meeting on Nov. 30 was expected to rubber-stamp that deal, with Russia and some other non-OPEC producers such as Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan also contributing. But doubts emerged in recent weeks as OPEC's No.2 and 3 producers, Iraq and Iran, expressed reservations about the mechanics of output reductions and Saudi Arabia voiced concern about Russia's willingness to cut. On Friday, OPEC canceled an experts meeting with non-OPEC producers scheduled for Nov. 28 after Saudi Arabia said the organization needed to sort out its differences first. Over the weekend, Saudi Energy Minister Khalid al-Falih said oil markets would rebalance even without an output-limiting pact. He had previously said Riyadh was keen for a deal.

Doubts about OPEC's ability to deliver promised cuts sent Brent crude down 2 percent initially on Monday to less than $47 a barrel. Prices later recovered to trade up 1 percent after Iraq's oil minister said he remained optimistic. Some analysts including Morgan Stanley and Macquarie have said oil prices will correct sharply if OPEC fails to reach a deal, potentially going as low as $35 per barrel.
As OPEC experts turned up at the group's headquarters on Monday, one delegate who had previously stated that a deal would be done, said this time: "I am not sure." Another delegate, when asked about the prospects for a deal, said: "Nobody knows yet". Read more

Break your child from these 7 harmful health habits

Thumb sucking, picky eating and nose picking are not only a nuisance, but they can have lasting effects on your child’s health.Here, experts weigh in on why these habits are harmful and offer their best tips for how to deal with your child’s behaviors.

1. Hanging onto the bottle
Switching from a bottle to a sippy cup is often one of the most challenging things for toddlers to do. Plus, drinking too much milk can cause your tot to skip meals and miss out on calcium-rich foods like leafy green vegetables, yogurt and cheese and may even lead to iron deficiency.Of course, allowing your child to fall asleep with a bottle in his mouth can also lead to cavities and tooth decay.The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends toddlers transition to a sippy cup by 15 months of age, but experts say the time to start introducing the sippy cup is around six months so that by the time they’re a year old, it’s gone for good.“The truth is that they’ve satisfied most of their sucking needs by a year,” said Dr. Jane Scott, a pediatrician and neonatologist in Greenwood Village, Colorado, and author of “The Confident Parent: A Pediatrician's Guide to Caring for Your Little One--Without Losing Your Joy, Your Mind, or Yourself.”Once your child has mastered the sippy cup and you think he’s ready, he can move on to using a regular cup without a lid.

2. Thumb sucking 
It’s common for babies and toddlers to suck their thumbs or their fingers to soothe themselves. But depending on how intense they suck and how long the habit lingers, it can affect the way their jaws grow.Since sucking depresses the tongue away from the roof of the mouth and compresses it, the habit can affect the normal growth of the upper jaw, causing it to develop narrowly and leading to a crossbite or an overbite, said Dr. Jade Miller, president of the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD).Oral habits can also cause the upper teeth to be flared and the lower teeth to be pushed backwards.The good news is that most kids will not have any problems. Nevertheless, you should bring your child in for regular check-ups with a pediatric dentist starting at age 1, or when the first tooth erupts, so the dentist can rule out any problems.You can help your child stop sucking his fingers with a special nail polish that tastes bitter, a cotton glove or a finger guard. Sometimes praising your child for not putting his fingers in his mouth and persuading him not to do it will be enough.  “In many cases, kids will stop on their own,” Miller said.

3. Picky eating
If you have a child who snubs his vegetables, refuses to eat anything new and only eats a handful of foods, it’s not only unhealthy for his growth and development but it can create a ton of stress in your home.“Because kids eat multiple times a day, this becomes more of a stress point in the family dynamic than other problems,” said Dina Rose, PhD, a sociologist, parent educator and feeding expert in Jersey City, New Jersey and author of “It's Not About the Broccoli: Three Habits to Teach Your Kids for a Lifetime of Healthy Eating.”Instead of pulling your hair out at every meal, the first step is to realize that your child is not being defiant just to be defiant, but that she needs the tools from you to be a healthy, adventurous eater.Then, let your child explore a pea-sized amount of new foods so that she’s armed with information about new foods and will feel safe and empowered to eventually accept them.Instead of asking your child, ‘Do you like it?’ ask what it smells, feels and looks like, for example.“The goal becomes to teach children about food and not from a nutrition perspective but from a sensory perspective,” Rose said. 

4. Nose picking
Whether you like to admit it or not, your kid probably picks his nose. Kids usually pick their noses when they have boogers and it can become even worse when they have a cold, congestion or allergies.It might be unsightly to you, but the only time it can become more difficult to deal with is if it causes frequent nosebleeds, said Dr. John P. Dahl, a pediatric otolaryngologist at Riley Hospital for Children at Indiana University Health in Indianapolis, Indiana and an assistant professor of pediatrics and otolaryngology at Indiana University School of Medicine said.Help your child to wipe and blow his nose regularly and remind him to keep his fingers out of his nose. If your child has a cold or infection, a salt water saline spray or gel can clean out his nose and moisten the lining. For babies and toddlers, a bulb syringe can help too.

5. Teeth grinding
Between 14 and 20 percent of children grind and clench their teeth, a disorder known as bruxism. Children will usually grind their teeth at night, but it can also happen during the day, and it’s common when new teeth come in or when children have stress and anxiety.  In fact, preschool-age children who grind their teeth are more likely to be withdrawn and have problems in school, according to a study presented at the 2008 SLEEP conference.Children who have large tonsils and adenoids and who have obstructive sleep problems are more likely to have the habit too.“Some kids will grind by shifting their lower jaw forward to keep their airway open,” Miller said.The good news is that it’s rare that grinding will become so severe that treatment is necessary. If you suspect your child has obstructive sleep apnea, you should have your child seen by his pediatrician. And if grinding affects your child’s permanent teeth, his dentist might recommend a mouth guard.

6. Snacking all day
Allowing your child to eat every time he asks not only creates a power struggle, but it teaches your child that temporary hunger must be quelled fast. Grazing all day long, especially on sweet, salty and crunchy snacks, also means your child won’t eat their meals because they’re not hungry.“Those experiences push kids away from the healthy foods that we’re trying to get them to eat,” Rose said.Instead of allowing your child to graze all day, decide on a meal and snack schedule. At snack time, offer fruits and vegetables.“It teaches them in their mind that fruits and vegetables are the go-to food, not the exceptional food that we just serve at dinner,” she said.

7. Prolonged pacifier use
The pacifier is soothing for your child and studies show it may reduce the risk for SIDS. Yet it can also be a breeding ground for germs when your child puts it back in his mouth after dropping it or taking it out. Prolonged pacifier use can also increase the risk for ear infections, lead to dental problems, and may affect language development, Scott said. Read more

Saturday, 26 November 2016

2017 Budget Won’t Be Padded- Buhari

The distortions that happened to Budget 2016, in which series of rogue projects and figures were injected into the financial document won’t happen to next year’s budget, President Muhammadu Buhari has vowed. Granting audience to members of the Governance Support Group (GSG), led by Hon. Chukwuemeka Nwajiuba, at Aso Villa, Abuja, yesterday the president said, “I am waiting for the 2017 budget to be brought to us in Council. Any sign of padding anywhere, I will remove it.”President Buhari in a statement by his special adviser on media, Femi Adesina  re-iterated that he had been in government since 1975, variously as governor, oil minister, head of state, and chairman of the Petroleum Trust Fund (PTF), “and never did I hear the word ‘padding’ till the 2016 Budget.”
Read more