Friday, 30 December 2016


Yash says the kids cannot. Samaira confronts the kids and pulling their ears demands to know who did this. The kids deny it. Samaira is determined to teach the kids a lesson when Yash intervenes and scolds Samaira for hurting the kids and that she is ruthless and punish innocent kids like this. He asks her to mend her behavior and leaves with the kids after warning Samaira.
That night, Misha is having dinner with Siddharth's family when Roshni and Siddharth come to the house. Raj asks Roshni too to join them for dinner. Just then Simran comes there with a plate full of chopped mangoes for Misha but Misha refuses to eat as she is allergic to mangoes. Kritika smirks thinking of her new plan. Misha asks Siddharth if he is free to come shopping with her. He asks what will she gift him. She jokes that the latest Mario game. Everyone laugh hearing this. Roshni fumes in jealousy and indicates Siddharth to refuse but Siddharth agrees and taunts Roshni of being jealous. Roshni refuses that she is jealous and leaves. Siddharth is sure that Roshni is jealous and goes after her.
Roshni angrily massages Beeji's arms waiting for Siddharth and Misha and thinks it is already 3 hours. Beeji asks her to be gentle when Siddharth and Misha return back from shopping. Just then Simran asks them to relax while she prepares milkshake for them and leaves as her phone rings. Once Simran leaves, Siddharth shows Misha the ear rings he has purchased for Roshni but will not give so easily and plans to annoy her first and then gift her. Misha asks him to stop pestering Roshni and says jealousy is very dangerous and Roshni may kill her. Siddharth asks her to stop watching TV serials. Just then Roshni returns with the milkshake for Siddharth and Misha. Siddharth asks if she bought stale milkshakit's early. She jokes yes. He pretends as if he has got the ear rings for Misha and teases Roshni. An annoyed Roshni tells Siddharth and Misha to have the banana milkshake she has made for them. He tastes it and says it is very tasty and the moment Misha has the milkshake she starts feeling breathless. Siddharth and Roshni are worried to see Misha's condition and he asks what happened. Roshni immediately goes to get water for Misha. Misha tells Roshni that there might be mangoes in the milkshake. Siddharth allege Roshni for mixing mango in banana milkshake and shouts at her to stop being jealous. Roshni repeatedly tells Siddharth that she had not put mangoes in the milkshake but Siddharth is adamant when Simran smells the milkshake and tells Roshni that there is mango in the milkshake. Kritika continues to smirks seeing this and accuses Roshni of purposely adding mangoes in the milkshake. Siddharth too scolds Roshni and takes Misha to her room. Roshni is hurt to see this.
Roshni wait outside Misha's room while the doctor checks her.
The same night, Sam prepares dinner for Yash and the kids. He apologizes to her for yelling at her yesterday and that if she handles the kids with love, they will love her. He calls the children for breakfast. He come and sit on table. The kids play a prank and add earth worm on Sam’s hair. She starts jumping. Yash removes the earth worm and smilingly asks what is this. Sam shouts at the children and goes to her room.
Siddharth angrily comes out of Misha room. Roshni tries to explain to him that it was not her fault and she did not mix the mangoes in the milkshake. An embarrassed Siddharth does not wants to listen what Roshni has to say, and instead he keep on scolding her that she made the milkshake, so she added the mangoes in Misha's milkshake even after knowing she is allergic to it. He shouts that Misha is very important to him and he will not tolerate Roshni trying to harm her. Roshni continues to explain him, but he angrily leaves. A broken Roshni walks away with tears streaming down her eyes. Read more

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